An unputdownable book. I loved the story. The IT aspect was there but not too technical to put you off. I am looking forward to reading soon a sequel to this fantastic book.

Really good story, quite graphic scenes which made this a page turner. Characters are well rounded and you do care for them. Factual and descriptive. Recommended

A great read especially for those interested in thrillers and technology but also require a realistic and fast paced storyline

I could not put this book down once I started reading it. I enjoyed in IT aspects, the political comments and the storyline. I hope there will be a sequel!

I was attracted to the title and the intriguing synopsis. It is very timely with the Olympics just around the corner, but there was more to it than just that – The synopsis alluded to the trouble Jane would find herself in. The characters were introduced well and the dilemmas created between them was engaging. I really enjoyed the book and found it most entertaining, it was a very good read, a real page turner.

This is a real page-turner, I read it at a sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly liked the fact that IT and its contribution were dealt with in a sensible and realistic way, and that it made us seem less nerd-like than usual!